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A platform created for whom?

  • For all those who want to reach their highest possible GMAT score in the shortest possible time

  • For those who approach the GMAT for the first time, or those who have already taken the test and want to improve their score

  • For those who want to prepare on their own, or those who are following any kind of the prep course



  • Accessible in any place, at any time

  • Adapted for any device (PC, Tablets, Smartphones)

  • User-friendly and easy to navigate

a platform that offers what?

  • 180+ our of interactive video lessons, from basic to advanced levels

  • Downloadable notes for every lesson, so you don't waste your time looking for the material you need, but optimize your study time

  • All the rules and formulas explained in detail, with real examples of questions you can expect during your exam


  • Perfect organization of all the study material that you will need, with options to search by letter, by topic, or by specific term

  • More thatn 5500 practice questions of three difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard) that allow you to generate an unlimited number of tests, choosing the number of and type of questions, in order to put to practice all the theory, strategies, and techniques that you have learned precedentemente.

  • Detailed explanation of each answer, with the best way to approach the question, clarify why this particular answer is correct, and the others are wrong

  • Innovative analytical tools that allow you to individuate the topics you should focus on in order to improve your performance and create the customized tests

  • 4 complete GMAT simulations that use the CAT algorithm (Computer Adaptive Test) similar to the real GMAT in order to realistically assess your improvement and predict your GMAT score

what our students say

With 700+ Platform you can practice at your own pace - an important thing for me, because I worked and couldn’t attend the course.
— Marta C.
If you need to improve your score quickly, this platform is just what you need! Just in one month I improved by 120 points, from 610 to 730!
— Cristiano M.
Loved that everything was in one place - literally thousands of questions, great videos for every topic, and simulations.
— Filippo T.


Buy Now

€ 349