98% of our students

hit their target score

We make your dream score become reality

98% of our students
hit their target score

We make your dream score become reality

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Why we are different than other test prep centres

Your success stands in the first place. We are more than a normal test preparation who is just available to you during the hours of the class. Let’s say we’re not the average test preparation centre. We want to be different because we really care about your success. We are there for you at any time to guide to achieve your best result.

We love what we do

We are committed to our students’ success.

Motivating them, pushing them and guiding them is what we do every day.

We work with the best tutors

Each of our tutors is hand-selected by the founders and given constant training.

We are tech-savvy

For our teaching methods and our reports, we always use modern analytical tools to get the best result possible

We are reachable 24/7

Once stuck with difficult questions, students can reach out for help anytime, just drop us a Whatsapp and we’re glad to help you!

Your dream score, shouldn’t be a dream

At 700+Club we have many years of experience in education and we are specialized in standardized tests. We can give you valuable tips through-out the test preparation: on how to learn, what the exam is testing you on, how to approach the question etc. We are able to provide you with the know-how to excel in the test. And in case you face some fear, we are also there to encourage you.


What we offer in our group course

We would describe our course as one thing: Modern (And we hope also people might say that our course is fun ;-). We are using modern technologies and the right practice to prepare you for the official GMAT test. Please note: We are keeping our group courses small to ensure the best learning environment for everyone. We are also paying attention that there is enough time for each of you to get enough fine-tuning.

Evaluation Test

All our courses start with an evaluation test so we can define your areas of weaknesses and strengths to optimise the course schedule.

3-Step study plan

Based on the evaluation test we are setting up a 3-step study plan based on three principles: Foundation, Practice, Grind.

Official study material

We will provide you with all the official study material from GMAT.

Free access to 700+ online platform

You`ll get free access to our 700+ Club online platform with more than 1000 additional exercises for the GMAT.

Minimum of 10 full GMAT simulations

You`ll go through a minimum of 10 GMAT simulations, followed by a report and 1-to-1 feedback.

Full support 24/07

During this whole period, you can expect full support from our side. Stuck with a question during your homework? No worries, we are available for you 24/7, just drop us a message.


3-Steps to a successful test result

Based on our experience, we have developed a three-step system, that will give you the right preparation. A mix of learning in a team during our classes and practice at home, followed by test-simulations and direct 1-to-1 feedback by your 700+Club-tutor.

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    Working on basic knowledge & creating a proper foundation, because a solid foundation equals to better results

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    Practising a range of exercises – Following the study plan with constant feedback from the tutors. So you can work smart, and not hard.

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    “Grinding” Phase: Taking the simulation tests with 1-to-1 feedback from tutors, because practice makes perfect.


The numbers speak for ourselves

Our job goes so much beyond just delivering a service, we are helping people to perceive their dreams and goals in life. And we are always super proud when a student gets into a good school and can fulfil his dreams.

Students who reached their target score - 98%
Students who got into their university of choice - 97%
Students who would recommend us to their friends (and many already did) - 100%

Group Course

Next course starts 7th of October

  • 55 hours (40h group course + 10h practice phase + 5h 1-to-1 feedback on simulations)
  • evaluation test included
  • official study material included
  • free access to 700+Club GMAT Online Platform
  • minimum of 6 full GMAT test simulations
  • 24/07 tutor support
* excluding VAT

Upcoming Group Courses

We are planning our group courses always starting at the beginning of the month. With small groups of maximal 8 people to guarantee the next learning experience.


GMAT Group Course 

Start: 7th of October


GMAT Group Course 

Start: Beginning of November (tbc)


GMAT Group Course 

Start: Beginning of December (tbc)


GMAT Group Course 

Start: Beginning of Januar (tbc)


What others say about us

We are different – you may ask why? There are many reasons, but one of them is that we really care about the success of our students. We are really proud of each of them and we are happy that we took part in such an important moment in their lives.


We offer you a free consultation call

If you are not sure which way is the best on how to approach your GMAT preparation, set up a call with us! We are happy to guide you through!

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