40 hours of classroom tuition

wed / thur 18.30 - 21.00,

saturday 10.00 - 16.00

In this part of the course you will do:

  • Verbal – 20 hours of theory and practice

  • Quantitative – 20 hours of theory and practice

You will learn:

  • All the concepts tested on the exam

  • Different types of questions

  • Strategies and techniques for approaching all types of questions

  • Common traps of the GMAT

You will get:

  • A personalized study plan to achieve your target score

  • All the study material that you will need and the latest GMAT Official Guide


  10 more hours of practice with the tutors

clear all your doubts  and perfect your techniques


In the second phase of the course you will have access to our exclusive online 700+ platform that contains

  • Database of 5500+ practice questions

  • Unlimited number of highly customized practice tests

  • Four full GMAT practice tests

  • Powerful analytical tools for progress tracking

  • Explanation of test taking strategies, tips & tricks

  • Video materials library

In addition:

  • 1 hour of one-to-one analysis of your progress with the tutors to ensure you are on the right track and to adjust your study plan


19 complete gmat simulations

test day experience: 4 simulations in the gmat-like environment

Finally the time has arrived to put your skills to test!

  • You will have 19 full-time GMAT simulations at your disposal

  • You will do 4 simulations in our office to reproduce the GMAT test center environment

  • You will get 1 hour of analysis of the results of the simulation with the tutors, for each simulation done in our office

We know all but well that the preparation for the GMAT is very demanding. This is why, during your long and difficult journey,  you will be supported by a certified psychologist, who will help you learn and use techniques to reduce the stress and anxiety during the GMAT exam.  

how much does it cost? 

the price of our course all inclusive is  1599 Euro!

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Cell: 392 289 4946

Tel: 02 467 127 25

In Milan, we are in Via Vincenzo Monti, 8.

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